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Missed Opportunities

 Even though I have a very detailed vision of what I want to do I have doubts. I doubt if I am good enough...
slow and steady Monday motivation

Slow and steady wins the race

Motivation from a children's fable I'm reminded of the story of the tortoise and the hare. In case you have never heard this old fable...

The One

All it takes is one... One excuse. One barrier. One "reason".One missed shot to lose a game. One missing link to break a chain.One minute to become late. One...

Overcoming the fear of success

Overcoming the fear of success? Yes, you read that right. I bet you didn't even realize you were afraid to succeed. Most people don't...

Turning Tables

When you first start your business it can be easy to loose hope. You feel like all you need is for people to give...

8 Things to remember when starting your own business

So you want to own your own business? There are some things that you need to remember that will help you on your journey...

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