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Tax tips for Entrepreneurs

How to handle Taxes as an Entrepreneur

So you're new to freelancing/entrepreneurship and worried about what do when the taxman comes calling? It's unavoidable; especially if (like me) you live in...

3 Keys to Success my Brother Gave Me

Last week was a tough one! My job kept me equally busy and stressed out. I put in over 40 hours and didn't want to do...

Startup Journal: Introducing Shannon Reynolds

Shannon Reynolds: The Up and Coming EntrepreneurB.A. Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University M.S. Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University Driven to help others succeed,...

8 for the Day: A list to help you accomplish your goals.

I am a big fan of goals. I feel like when I have specific tasks that I am trying to accomplish, I become more focused...

Automating your social media with IF by IFTTT

Social media can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to survive a team of one. Automating your social media can make...

Figuring out how much your services are worth

One of the more challenging aspects of working as freelancer can be determining the value of your services. Thanks to the internet it is...

Owen Weber: Actor, Comedian, Filmmaker

40 on One is where we sit down with entrepreneurs that are working a full-time job while running their own business. In this 40...

Surviving with a team of one

Ideally you would love to have a highly skilled team of people around you helping you every step of the way, but unfortunately that...

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Vine’s Top Viners

What the heck is a viner? You may be thinking, what the heck is a viner? Well I'm glad you asked. "Viner" is the name...

6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Things Have Changed 20 years ago you would have been all set with a yellow pages listing. Having a website was a luxury for bigger companies...

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