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Scattered Thoughts, Time to Focus

Everyday I come up with new ideas and things I want to do with my business. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all...

8 for the Day: A list to help you accomplish your goals.

I am a big fan of goals. I feel like when I have specific tasks that I am trying to accomplish, I become more focused...

Staying on track with your goals

I can't believe we are already a month into the new year. I always love the new year because it gives you a chance...

Are you a Horse or a Dog?

“Are you a horse or a dog? A horse is motivated by fear. He's running from the whip… A dog is motivated by hunger....

Understanding Opportunity Cost

You can only do one thing at a time. When you choose one activity over another you are missing out on something else that you could be doing instead. Just when you thought goofing off was free...

8 Things to remember when starting your own business

So you want to own your own business? There are some things that you need to remember that will help you on your journey...

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