It is easy to give others advice and tell yourself what you are going to do. But actually doing it seems to be my hold up. I am a great talker with great ideas. I can confidently say that. However my action plan is lacking. I can talk the talk but I haven’t been walking the walk. When you showcase little action it becomes hard for anyone to support you and invest in you.

Separating from the pack

Action is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. I know I said something similar in a previous post but it is easy, very easy to fall back into old habits and routines. Talking about your dreams and business goals will not get you to the finish line. Talk is cheap. I have been talking for months with very little action. Talking has led to many excuses, complaints, doubts and a lack of accountability. Talking has kept me stagnant in my professional journey. Talking has become my scapegoat, my crutch. I will say to myself if I say it out-loud it will be true, I will do it. This is a very false statement. Every success in life requires work that surpasses any word that comes out of your mouth.

More than words

I am going to start my own business. Saying that won’t create it, but doing something and taking action will. Your words, my words require action. With no action all I am doing is talking. This week I am doing less talking and more doing. All the posts before this was my talking and brainstorming phase. It is time to move on from that and actually put things into motion.