Seeing potential in a person, project, or business when they are unwilling to accept or acknowledge their own potential is extremely frustrating. It is proven time and time again you can’t want something more than someone wants it for themselves. I can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. I can’t proceed forward in my business as a consultant when I am putting in more work than the creator. This lesson is two-fold because I am speaking to myself as well.

Taking a look in the mirror

I can’t expect others to be a part of my vision, take part in my projects, and believe in my dreams when I don’t believe in them myself. The fact that doubt and hesitation still consumed me and I was unaware all the while thinking I was progressing forward when really I had become stagnant. It wasn’t until I saw one of “my client’s” lack of passion that I saw the non-existence of my own. It was like looking into a mirror.

Lesson Learned

It is funny how I had to learn this lesson. I spent time and energy pushing their projects, encouraging them to continue; all the while I would get very little of that passion in return. Not to say it didn’t exist but their belief was nowhere to be found. I was so laser focused on helping fulfill others dream I didn’t realize I was avoiding and losing belief in my own.

Learning your lesson and moving forward

My belief in myself has dwindled without me even realizing it. Life has a funny way of changing its course.  Every client and potential client I have a let go. I have changed my path. 2bularVisions is still happening but it has taken on a whole new life. Dare I say a whole new purpose. I started off wanting to help people, but now I am going to first help myself. Small beginnings lead to bright futures.