As much as everyone would love nothing more than to wake up every morning loving what they do, it is easier said than done.  At the same time isn’t it true that money is a very important factor to your daily survival? I would say yes. But I think the common thing people forget and that I forgot is that money doesn’t fulfill you. It is a momentary fix. But it is your passion and your purpose that sustains you. That is what keeps me going every day. When it comes to my passions the money is just an added bonus. Don’t get me wrong, I love money and I understand that I need money but I have been reminded of its true worth. While I currently have some financial stability I have felt unfulfilled.  I have been suppressing my passions in order to make a quick buck instead of fueling my dreams and purpose and turning those into profit.

Short-term cash vs Long-term Success

I feel that when I talked about sacrifice I believed every word and I still do. But I also know now more than ever there are just some things you don’t sacrifice because it is a disservice to you. Short-term, a part time job was a good idea, but as the weeks have passed I have spent less and less time on my projects and building a business and more time working just for a little bit of extra cash.  For the amount of time and effort I put forth the return on investment was lacking and so was my moral. I was so focused on short-term and immediate additional funds that I failed really look at and understand the long-term impacts. Sacrifice is completely necessary with anything worth having but in that same breath your sacrifice has to be worth it in the end.