Even though I have a very detailed vision of what I want to do I have doubts. I doubt if I am good enough to accomplish what I want to do. What makes me qualified? I am learning more and more that lacking confidence in your craft can lead you down a road of procrastination. While I have spent so much time doubting myself I have missed out on potential opportunities to invest in myself and in my craft. Furthermore I spent time investing in others dreams when I wasn’t fully investing in my own and neither were those people I was helping. Even though it is easier said than done I have to help myself before I can help anyone else.

The Start of a Journey

This is my journey to starting my business and I want to be completely transparent. In previous posts I have eluded to what my business will be but have yet to officially announce it. That in part to being nervous about the response, but also because I felt I was not prepared for what is to come once I say what I plan to do. Now, I am really practicing what I preach and having confidence in my vision and my talents and not focusing on “what ifs.” So here it goes. 2bularVisions is the official name of my company. I will be consulting with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help in creative concepts and social media branding. I already have a potential client that is set to pay me for my services which is something I have struggled with previously. I thought to help build up my experience and portfolio I would help others free of charge with projects. That has proven not to work out too well in my case and I was reminded recently “if you are good at something never do it for free.”

The next big step

Now that I have officially announced my project there is nothing left for me to do except execute everything I have been planning. There is no more room for hesitation or disbelief now is the time to push forward and take charge. I refuse to miss any more opportunities to excel and prosper. Wish me luck.