I find myself complaining a lot. Starting anything is hard but I seem to be hitting a lot of roadblocks as of late. The money I had allotted for my site and to register my LLC has been spent fixing my car and other unexpected expenses. I feel defeated at times and I just want to catch a break. I blame myself and take ownership of my own negativity, but being negative and complaining all the time is contagious, it impacts everything and everyone connected to you.

Time to Stop Complaining

Sometimes it seems so much easier to quit and just focus on sleep and my current full time job, but I look at people that have found success and researching their stories and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I never thought this process of becoming a business owner would be easy but I am reminded daily how hard it is. It isn’t supposed to be easy and those who enter into entrepreneurship thinking it is going to be easy usually fail. I don’t want to fail and that first starts with no more complaining. It then requires me to always plan for the unexpected and when one thing doesn’t work out start with plan b.

What’s after plan B

I had a plan B in place but then another car issue occurred so plan b went down the drain with plan a. Thank goodness for multiple back up plans. I won’t lie and say I haven’t been frustrated because I have. Complaining to my friends has led to some great vent sessions, but then I started to enter into panic mode questioning every decision and what to do next. These past 2 months have been very humbling to me. I always think you should aim high when reaching for goals, but sometimes reality knocks you back a notch or two reminding me I have to work harder, more than ever before.

Leaving your comfort zone behind

While driving in my car yesterday a quote just popped into my head and it was this quote that inspired this post. “Complaints are just excuses that keep you complacent.” Complaining does nothing for you; it just keeps me in the same miserable place you’ve been in until you decide you have had enough sulking time. So now that I am done sulking I can focus on plan C. Since funds are super low I have been spending more time getting content ready for my site and in the interim I will be creating a WordPress site until I can afford to have my full site completed. I had to come to a point where I was willing to leave my comfort zone in order to succeed and move forward.

“Complaints are just excuses that keep you complacent.”