Can I just be completely honest and say the world has become a very negative place. It is a battle everyday to stay positive and not get consumed with negative thoughts or be filled with anxiety and stress. Right now that rings so true for me because the atmosphere at my job is completely negative, and while I go into work with every intention to stay positive, I rarely win that battle. By the time I get home my negative day has sabotaged me and kept me from having a productive night. So I thought what can I do differently?

Have faith that today is going to be a good day

Instead of me saying I hope for a better day, I instead tell myself I have faith that my day will get better. Then I do better. Now I know when the word faith comes up mostly everyone’s mind goes to the Bible and religion. It is natural because faith is the belief of the unseen. The bible is the foundation of faith but faith exists far beyond the bible and religion. If you listen to most motivational speakers they talk about having faith or taking a leap of faith that led to their success. Faith at least in my opinion goes hand in hand with any successful business or brand. With every ounce of effort and work you put into yourself and your business you have to match that with faith.

One day at a time

So I have to choose daily to take my little bit of faith and believe in the impossible. I have to have faith that every negative will be matched with positive. I have to have faith that everything happens for a reason. I have to have faith that all of my aspirations and goals will meet and exceed my expectations. I will have to have faith that my season of success is soon to come. Everything negative that is seeming to come my way is further instilling in me the need for me to have a little bit of faith.