Words are Powerful

I’m a big believer in the power of words. As children we are told “sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt me.” The older we get the more we realize that words can hurt you, much more than a stick or stone. The bible says, “The tongue has the power of life and death… (Proverbs 18:21).” If you’re not religious then I am sure you have heard what goes around comes around. If you’re into karma then you know good karma comes back around. Any way you want to say it words have power, so you need to use them wisely. I even wrote a poem for your reading pleasure:

Words are powerful

They can uplift the downtrodden
They can inspire the hopeless
They can move the heavy heart
They can unite the divided
They can give hope to the hopeless

Words are indeed powerful. Words to our children are seeds. The wrong word with the proper water can twist the innocence of our youth. Hate is something that is taught. What are we teaching our children? Words are powerful.

They can destroy a fragile heart
They can cast shadows of doubt
They can teach hate
They can destroy hope

The difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘can’ is as big as the difference between being a king and a joker. Words are powerful.

The word ‘can’t’ has the potential to extinguish the fire of creativity in a young mind. The word ‘can’ has the ability to ignite the imagination of a young mind. Words are powerful.

Words are more dangerous then any weapon of mass destruction. They have the power to build and the potential to destroy. Words are powerful, more powerful than sticks and stones.

They can inspire a dream, or destroy one. They can quill a rebellion or begin one. Words are powerful.

Build or destroy, life or death. What will you use your words for?

Entrepreneur takeaway

With all that said how does this apply to you and your business? If you have employees, the things you say to them can rally them towards a single goal, or make their jobs a living nightmare. The health of your company can rest on the things you say so make sure that you encourage them. The happier your employees are, the better your company is going to run and the easier it will be to retain talent and attract new talent.

If you don’t have any employees or you do, what you say to yourself is important too. Encourage yourself to keep going. Speak into existence the things that you want, and then go get them. Don’t discourage yourself, trust me there are enough haters out there to try and do that for you.

Finally keep positive people around you. I personally like to stay around people that encourage me. So many times I have felt like giving up and a friend’s kind words kept me going. You CAN do it, have a little faith in yourself!