As a Millennial I left college knee deep in debt. Then silly me decided to get my masters! While my job did paid for a portion of my graduate degree I still inherited more debt. My job does keep me afloat but it definitely leaves very little extra funds. Little funds to put towards a business. So how can I make the proper investments to excel my business forward if I am constantly in debt?

I know my story isn’t uncommon especially these days. But this age old story is depressing. We work hard in school but don’t acquire jobs that come even close to paying our debts. While many people including myself can spend our days in a financial funk, I have recently opted to take another route. I decided to change my entire mentality.

Investing in myself

Yes I have loads of debt but I am indebted to myself. I spent time and money to educate myself. I spent money to buy a car that I now own and that gets me wherever I need to go. Key words me and myself. For years I have found ways to invest in myself and be totally oblivious. I have been funding my aspirations  since I first stepped foot on my college  campus. Why should I stop now? Why should I say I  can’t because of all my debt?! My debt, my dreams, my future. When you but those types of thoughts and meanings to your debt the value changes.

The Big Payback

So I don’t mind investing in me, I kind of like the concept. I like and appreciate my debt because they are steps in the right direction and the start to my business. Money is tight but I took my new found mentality and renewed my internet domain and paid it forward 3 years, and now I am in the process of paying and completing my paperwork to register my LLC. Yikes it’s all coming together! December 1st will be the partial launch of my site. I am super excited. It is amazing the things you will do once you change your way of thinking. I am the best investment I have ever made.


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