For the past two weeks I have been extremely busy, which sounds like a good thing doesn’t it? But I have been busy for everyone but myself. A little bit of social media marketing, strategy meetings and project planning. It felt so good to be needed and help others with their events and projects, but then I found myself coming home feeling completely unproductive. Even more I felt that my creative tank was emptied on everyone else and I was at a loss for my own projects!

Focus on Your Schedule

I have been making lists for myself to help keep me honest and on track for my goals and I just wasn’t meeting my own expectations. I wasn’t meeting my expectations because I was busy fulfilling others. I don’t want to say I felt used but I felt drained.  It is even more draining to work with individuals who seem to need something  only when it is convenient for them and only on their schedule. Like me working a full-time job and trying to start my own business isn’t enough, I have to drop what I am doing to help you with an urgent project. While getting annoyed I realized I should be doing what they are doing minus abusing other people’s time, I need to focus on my own schedule.

Saying No!

Sometimes NO is the hardest thing to say, especially when you are driven by helping others. But this week I said no. I am slowly learning how to put myself first and to do things for me. A lot time people lose their passions for things not because they stopped liking it but because they let distractions deter them from it. I refuse to be deterred. Doing things for myself will help me in the long run do things for more people in a more organized fashion. These past 2 weeks I have found organization in place of chaos. I got the logo for my business created and I am in the process of trademarking my business name! I think I am finding my way, a few detours have arisen but that is to be expected. Until next time continue to wish me luck.