Below are some of the best quotes from Owen Weber’s 40 on One interview. If you have not had a chance to watch it yet you can find the video here, you won’t regret it. For those who don’t know Owen is a very talented standup comedian and filmmaker. You can find out more about Owen and see some of his comedy at or on Facebook and Twitter @OwenWeberLive


“I work until I can’t keep my eyes open… But it doesn’t feel like work. That’s how I know this is something I should pursue because this is all I think about.”

“If I could give somebody advice or even myself advice, when I began this whole thing I would say,

Stop complaining about not having enough time if you watch TV.

Stop complaining about not having enough money if you like to go out to the bar.

All these things that you think are out of your control actually are in your control.”

“Hard work doesn’t always yield the results you would expect.”

“I think one day I am going to be looking back at my life and I’ll think to myself could I have worked harder? Could I have tried this, could I have done that? What if I hadn’t taken that job that just paid money and that gave me no passion. What if I just did that and I worked all day and came home and went to bed and did that every day for fifty years and then I died. That’d be kind of a shame to look back on my life and think what if I actually tried what I wanted to do. So that’s why I’m doing it the best I can.”