Shannon Reynolds: The Up and Coming Entrepreneur


  • B.A. Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University
  • M.S. Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University
  • Driven to help others succeed, Shannon’s goal is to build a business that benefits others.
  • What others see as impossible she wants to make possible.
  • She is starting from scratch and it will be a journey but she is up for the challenge.


It is hard sometimes when you have a full time job to really focus on your passions and purpose. If we are going to be honest with each other, money drives the world and if you don’t have money it is really hard to invest in yourself let alone another business. You will hear my struggles, my frustrations, my failures as well as my wins and successes. So I am going to build from the ground up. That is the inspiration behind this blog series. It is investing in yourself and taking the time out after a 40-hour job to really focus on your aspirations and that in itself is a day to day struggle. Sometimes you just want to come home and lay down after a long day’s work. There are times I felt distracted or even lost but all of these are things happen when starting a business, so I’ve been told. Welcome to the Startup Journal.

Let’s start off with me introducing myself. My name is Shannon Reynolds and I was born to lead. That may sound a little cocky or even a little boastful, but there is nothing wrong with a little self-proclamation. You proclaim what you want to put out into this world; you proclaim what you want to do in life. I was born to lead and to help others build up their businesses and that is exactly what I am planning to do. I am starting with a vision. What exactly will my business be? I don’t know that I have that answer yet, but I know it will help others and build up their brands and with their success I will have succeeded. Because again, I was born to lead.

When starting off any business or any project I think it is first and foremost important to proclaim what you want AND to have a vision of where you want to go. Sometimes the vision might be blurry. You might get frustrated and you might even want to give up but that doesn’t mean stop. That means you keep going and you don’t give up. Because the beginning is what builds the foundation for your end goal. So continue, keep going and be forceful. Self-proclaim everything you want out of your vision. No matter if it’s cocky or boastful. I challenge you to embrace your visions and proclaim your success. The saying is true once you put it out into the atmosphere you are speaking it into existence.

Wish me Luck and Happy Beginnings!