Delivering the same message to everyone will limit the reach of your message. Sometimes that can be a good thing, and sometimes it can be a really bad thing. If you want to reach everyone then you must tailor your message to target each person or group. The more people you want to target, the more messages you will need.

When is it a good thing?

Having a message that doesn’t appeal to everyone can be a good thing. Yes you read that right, sometimes it’s just what you want to do. You can’t always control the channels that your message is being delivered to. Sometime you just want to reach a very specific group of people. This is when knowing your audience/consumers really comes in handy. If you want to weed out the people who won’t need your service or product then simply tailor a message directed specifically towards that audience, so that you have a better chance of reaching your target group.

When is it a bad thing?

Okay so it’s a good thing right? Like most things the answer is “it depends.” Sometimes you have a message or product that you want to get to as many people as possible. Different groups of people react differently to different messages. The good thing is that you can find groups of people that respond similarly to information. The key to reach as many people as possible is to identify the biggest groups and tailor a message for each one. Since there are billions of people in the world, this option can get pricey and be very time consuming.

Somewhere in the middle

Remember that communication isn’t black and white. Not everyone is going to connect the same way to the same message. If you are advertising or promoting your restaurant and you are promoting prime rib, meat lovers are going to go crazy while vegetarians will be completely turned off. For that group of people you would maybe want to pitch your salad bar. So my advice when creating advertising content is to first identify the audience you want to reach, and then cater your main messaging around them, your core. Any additional messaging would target the group’s closest to your core. A message for every group you target.


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