Monday Motivation For Every Day Of The Week

In sales they teach you that every “no” you hear brings you closer to someone saying “yes”. In that sense, sales is a lot like life. Sometimes it feels like we keep trying and trying just to miss the ¬†goal that we have set for ourselves. It may not seem like it in the midst of it but every failure you have brings you closer to your success.

There are stories that happen all the time where people were rejected time after time before finally getting their shot. People like Michael Jordan, Alicia Keys, Eminem, and Jay-Z have all been been rejected when trying to do what they dreamed of doing. None of them gave up. Let your rejection be your encouragement. That next rejection just brings you one step closer to the realization of your goal. You could be one throw away from achieving your dream so keeping throwing, eventually you will hit your bullseye!