Monday Motivation for Every Day of the Week

The cold hard truth is that there are people less talented, less skilled and or less qualified than you making and doing more than you. It’s not because they got a break that you didn’t or because their family member knows someone. The simple difference is they tried and you didn’t. Sometimes we end up getting in our own way. I know personally I can be my own worst critic and that can sometimes give me an excuse not to try, or not to try as hard as I should.

My wake up call came when I was in design school. I was working to become a graphic designer and I felt like I was pretty good but not good enough to get paid for what I loved to do. A fellow student showed us some work they had been paid for. Honestly speaking it wasn’t close to the level of work I had been doing. Instead of them saying they weren’t good enough to get paid for their work they simply went out and did it. There is a reason the slogan of one of the biggest brands in the world (Nike) is “Just Do It.”


There will always be a reason why you don’t feel like you can do something, but you have to find the motivation to say I am going to step out and try as hard as I can. The successful people are not always the most talented people but instead the people who simply removed every excuse and gave their dreams a chance. Today can be the day that you step out of your own way and try. Let this be the motivation for you to move forward with your dream. You can do it: all you have to do is try! I leave you with my favorite quote as a reminder that sometimes all it takes is hard work.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke