Encourage Yourself

No it’s not the beginning or end of the year but instead of a New Years resolution I am suggesting a life revolution that starts today. This year, the year of the doers is now. So many times we push things off to the side and make excuses why we aren’t doing something. This year I say lets start a new approach. A approach of doing instead of waiting. The only thing holding us back is ourselves. If we just stop and get out of our own way there would be so much more we can accomplish with our lives. Procrastination kills dreams and excuses may be just as bad. This year is the year of the Doers, take your dreams and run with them.

There will be more articles throughout the year regarding the Year of the Doers. I hope that you come back and take a look. I would like to also use this time to thank any and everyone who has and continue to support The Other 40. Your support is really appreciated.