I want to be successful more than I want to watch TV, play video games, go to the club, or whatever it is that you like to do that distracts you from your goals. It takes a lot to be successful. No matter what you do there is always an opportunity cost. All the people that I have ever seen who have gained any kind of success had to make sacrifices. There were days that they wanted to watch TV or go to the bar but decided that working towards their goals was more important.

Visualize what success is.

I have always loved video games ever since my parent got me a Nintendo. For me it is a great way to relax from a long day and they offer experiences that other forms of media can’t match. I can easily get lost in a game and neglect the things that I need to be doing. The thing that helps me is visualizing what success will be and mean for me. Visualizing what success is makes it something that is tangible, which makes it easier for me to put the games down and get back to work because I understand what I will otherwise be giving up.

It’s all about balance.

Life is all about balance. You still can do the things that you love and be successful but make sure that you’re prioritizing your time. I still get to play games but instead of spending four hours playing a game I usually play for one or two hours and spend the rest of that time working on something more productive. Being a superstar shooting guard on NBA 2K is a lot of fun but it won’t help me become a superstar entrepreneur in reality.