JargonĀ is the section of the site where we breakdown words that are essential in the business world. We are going to break down some of the major components of the internet in terms of a neighborhood. If we think of the Internet as a neighborhood, it becomes easier to understand the individual parts that make up the Internet. Making it relatable to something familiar will make it easier to understand.


The first term we are going to cover is webpage. In terms of a neighborhood, it would be considered a single room in a house. Just like rooms in real life, webpages can contain a number of different things, and have many different functions. They can have images, text content or even search functionality. A good example of a webpage would be the page that you are reading now. This page is a webpage, a single room in a bigger house. Another example would be google.com. Although they are very different, they are both webpages. It is like the difference between a bathroom and a bedroom. They have different functions but are still rooms in a house.


Keeping our neighborhood theme in mind, a website would be a house made up of one or more rooms. In internet terms, one or more webpages connected together make up a website. Just like a house in a real neighborhood, the rooms can be very different or very similar. The important thing is that they are connected. You can have a small loft with two rooms or a large mansion comprised of many different rooms.