There are wide ranges of iOS apps available that do a number of different things. You can find many different games and entertainment apps right beside apps for productivity and finance. These days, any software function you could imagine can be found in an app. With millions of apps available there are 3 that I couldn’t imagine doing business without.


Awesome Note by BRID

$3.99 | Available for iPhone/iPod and iPad

The first app is Awesome Note. Just like its name implies its, for lack of a better word, awesome. This fantastic app allows you to use several different types of notes in one app. You can do standard notes, to-do lists, diaries and more. I use it to record any ideas I come up with throughout the day. You can even password protect sensitive folders so that only you can access that content. All of your notes can be synced to Google Drive or Evernote, so that you never have to worry about losing your content. At $3.99, Awesome Note is worth every penny. Unfortunately, the iPad and iPhone versions are sold separately but you can sync the notes between the platforms using Drive or Evernote.


Wunderlist By 6 Wunderkinder

Free, extra features w/paid subscription | Available for iPhone/iPod and iPad

Wunderlist, as you may have gathered from the name, is a list-making app. I know what you’re thinking, “can’t I just make list using Awesome Note or Reminder?” The answer to that is yes, but with Wunderlist you can share list between multiple people plus the price is right – FREE. This app comes in handy when you have a project and need to share tasks with other team members. The tasks sync between users so that you can see when a task is completed. Wunderlist will definitely help your team’s workflow.

Wunderlist App:


Dropbox by Dropbox

Free, more space w/paid subscription | Available for iPhone/iPod and iPad

Dropbox is an app for the service, Dropbox. The way it works is you sign up for a free account and they give you 2 gigabytes of free Cloud storage. You can gain an extra 500 MB (up to 16 GB) for every new user you refer that signs up for a free account. Are you still with me? Good! On your computer (Mac or PC) you choose a folder that will by synchronized to the Dropbox servers and sync to any computer you have Dropbox installed and are signed into. One of the best features is the ability to share folders within your Dropbox folder with other users. This easily allows you to share files between team members and even clients. With the app you can access all of the files in your Dropbox folder. We use it at The Other Forty to share documents, images and videos. With Dropbox, you can set it to automatically upload the images from your phone to Dropbox. They even throw in some extra GBs to accommodate the extra weight of the pictures. It’s a free service and app so what does it hurt to give it a try, trust me you will love it.

Dropbox Service:
Dropbox App:

*There are some alternatives to Dropbox. For example Microsoft’s SkyDrive works similarly to Dropbox and offers 7 GBs to start out. Of all the cloud services I have used I prefer Dropbox because of the easy to use sharing options.

So those are the 3 apps I wouldn’t want to work without. Check them out and let me know how you like them. Do you agree with my list? What are the 3 apps you can’t work without? Comment below.


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